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From customer onboarding to electronic signatures, Digidentity services are easy and fast, anywhere and anytime.


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Secure and flexible with electronic identities and signatures

Digidentity offers electronic identity and electronic signature. Our services support to grow your business. Digidentity services are flexible, fast and easy to integrate in your existing processes.

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    Customer onboarding

    Onboard customers remotely and securely using Digidentity’s electronic identity and qualified electronic signatures. Ready to integrate directly and providing the highest levels of assurance, our solutions are now manageable from the palm of your hand using the new Identity Wallet. Anywhere and anytime.

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    Digidentity is a provider of electronic identities and qualified trust services in accordance with EU Regulation 910/2014 (eIDAS). Digidentity is included on the EU Trusted List. We comply with all relevant standards, guidelines, laws and regulations for providers of electronic identities and qualified trust services.

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    Risk Management

    Digidentity uses a risk-based way of working. Protection of your personal data has our highest priority. We monitor our services to identify new risks. This to detect disruptions and to recognise fraud in time.

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Digidentity is proud to work with our international partners.

Branche Organisations
Cloud Signature Consortium

Our Products

Identity Wallet

You can manage all your electronic identities from your mobile phone. From the palm of your hand, anytime and anywhere.




SBR, Automotive & eDelivery

Certificates: Standard Business Reporting (SBR), Automotive Authentication (AA) and eDelivery.

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Electronic Signatures

Sign your contract, invoices and other documents with legally binding electronic signatures.

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Identity Proofing

Identify customers according to applicable rules for your company. Our KYC is compliant to laws and regulations.

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Authentication & Authorisation

Apply for an eHerkenning account and authorisation to access government services and insurers in The Netherlands

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Digital Onboarding

Onboarding takes a matter of minutes with the Identity Wallet


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4 things you want to know about eHerkenning chain authorisations

Read here: 4 things you want to know about eHerkenning chain authorisations. This infographic takes you through the most asked questions we got about eHerkenning chain authorisations.

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Case Study

Shared Signals - Proof of Concept

Sharing signals is as old as civilization. What is new and important is deploying signaling systems that demonstrably improve the security of existing infrastructure.

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