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To Enable and Protect People’s Digital Lives. Digidentity is on a mission to enable and protect people’s digital lives. It is on its way to forming the actual standard of the market, whilst also constantly looking for better, more innovative ways of solving customer challenges. For the current identified customer needs, Digidentity offers a unique set of advantages.

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If you have questions about our service or need assistance with troubleshooting go to the support portal. Chat and Phone contact (GMT): - Monday to Friday : 08.00 to 17.30 Email only contact (GMT): - Sunday : 09.00 to 16.30

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We can help you implement our identity wallet with the highest level of assurance into your service process.

  • Identify your customer without disrupting the customer journey

  • 4.000+ documents from 160 country

  • AML and Sanction check

  • Compliant with EU regulation

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