Sign your documents digitally, anytime, anywhere

Sign your contracts and documents simple, fast and legally binding with Digidentity eSGN Qualified or eSGN Advanced. Digidentity eSGN is integrated with Adobe Acrobat Sign and Microsoft Office.


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Sign your contracts and other documents with a trustworthy electronic signature. With eSGN from Digidentity you can sign documents with a legally binding electronic signature.

Enterprise solution



eSGN Qualified

Five qualified electronic signatures (QES). Identity Document with NFC chip required.


Five signatures excl. VAT

eSGN Qualified
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eSGN+ Qualified


Per year excl. VAT

Unlimited qualified electronic signatures (QES). Identity Document with NFC chip required.

eSGN Advanced


Five signatures excl. VAT

Five advanded electronic signatures (AdES). Requires official identity document to register.

eSGN+ Advanced


Per year excl. VAT

Unlimited advanced electronic signatures (AdES). Identity document required.

eSeal Qualified


Per year excl. VAT

An eSeal as the digital equivalent of a stamp placed on a paper document to confirm its origin and integrity

eSGN+ Profession


Per year excl. VAT

Professional certificates are available for accountants, chartered accountants and administration consultants

eH/eSGN Company Manager


Per year excl. VAT

Manage all our products on behalf or your company: manage company details, check invoices, invite colleagues, etc

How does it work?

Sign documents

Sign contract and letter simple and fast in our sSGN portal or with Adobe Acrobat Sign. Login the portal or Adobe Acrobat Sign, upload the document and sign the document. You will receive a message in your Digidentity Identity Wallet to approve. Download the signed document and send it.

Sign documents

Certifications & Compliance

Digidentity is a Qualified Trust Service provider and Identity Provider in accordance with EU Regulation 910/2014 (eIDAS). Digidentity delivers trust services for electronic signatures and electronic identities.


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