eHerkenning for PROBAS organisations

Secure access to governmental services

eHerkenning PROBAS enables diplomatic and international organisations to do online business with the Dutch government in a secure way.


eHerkenning for PROBAS

For diplomatic and international organisations, eHerkenning for PROBAS is required to access online governmental services


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3 year subscription
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How it works

  • Preparation

    To register for eHerkenning PROBAS you will need: A valid passport, email address, smartphone, PROBAS organisation number, invoice account number and invoice email address, and an authorised representative. The authorised representative of your organisation must register first to approve your request.

  • Registration

    Digidentity will verify your identity, your organisation, and your authorisation to act on its behalf. After each registration, the authorised representative is notified and must approve the request. Note: the standard terms and conditions for eHerkenning PROBAS are in Dutch.

  • Ready to go

    Once your request has been approved by the authorised representative, your account is ready to be used. You can now securely access governmental services.


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