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We have built a suite of products to help you mange your digital identity: Authentication, eSigning and certificates are always available and secure. Register today and take advantage of Digidentity Service platform.


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Not all services require the same level of assurance. This depends on the type of information that is exchanged and to what extent the transaction must be protected. The service provider that the user logs in with determines the assurance level and thus which eHerkenning level you need

Enterprise Solutions


eHerkenning 3

eHerkenning level 3 is our most used product and the required level for UWV and the Belastingdienst, among others. Simply create an account and log in through the Digidentity app.


Per year excl. VAT

eHerkenning 3 - 3 years
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eHerkenning 3 Tax


Per year excl. VAT

eHerkenning 3 Tax - 3 years
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eHerkenning 2+


Per year excl. VAT


eHerkenning 4


Per year excl. VAT

eH Chain Authorisation


Per year excl. VAT

eH/eSGN Company Manager


Per year excl. VAT

Manage all our products on behalf or your company: manage company details, check invoices, invite colleagues, etc

eHerkenning Broker

Give your customers access to your portal via eHerkenning and benefit from more than 0,5M users already signed up

How does it work?

Identity Verification

Provide your personal details, scan the NFC chip in your ID and take two selfies. We will check if your details are correct, if you are a real person and if you are the same person as the one in the ID.

Identity  Verification


Digidentity is a trust eH partner.


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Shared Signals - Proof of Concept

Sharing signals is as old as civilization. What is new and important is deploying signaling systems that demonstrably improve the security of existing infrastructure.

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