eSEAL for European Product Database for Energy Labelling (EPREL)

Digidentity provides electronic seals to all suppliers using EPREL. As a qualified trust service provider, we offer a fully remote onboarding so your eSEAL is ready with a few clicks.



eSeal Qualified

Digital signatures with company seal based on a qualified electronic seal (QES). Sign your invoices, insurrance policies and other documents with a company seal.


Per year excl. VAT

Qualified Electronic Seal 

An electronic seal is the digital equivalent of a company stamp on an official document. It confirms where the document comes from and that the contents are original. This makes it possible to provide digital information, in a safe manner. Since early 2022, suppliers registered on the EPREL database will need to obtain an electronic seal to enable the display of their products information on the platform. 

Register your products with Digidentity’s eSEAL. Our fully remote onboarding allows you to verify your business within minutes without leaving your desk. Register for eSEAL now, access EPREL today.

Digidentity's advantage

  • Remote onboarding

    Providing the highest levels of assurance, Digidentity offers full remote onboarding for eSEAL. No paperwork or face-to-face check required to register.

  • Personal service

    During your registration for eSEAL, our experts are there for you to lead you through the onboarding process. Verification, identification and authorisation.

  • All you need

    For registration you need a smartphone, identity documents from the applicant, a Chamber of Commerce (Kvk) number and from the directors of the company: their passports and pictures.

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